Supplier Quality Engineer
Supplier Quality Engineer
苏州工业园区 | 3年以上经验
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  • 辉美医疗集团目前在苏州有三家工厂:辉美医疗,辉莫科技,辉科医疗。本职位为辉莫科技而设置。


    1. Lead and Manage the supplier assessments and audits. 领导并管理供应商评估和审核。

    2. Create Quality plan/Inspection instruction for purchased material and components, including the sampling plan, inspection method, AQL and acceptance criterion etc. and perform the training to the responsible person. 建立采购物料/部件的质量计划或检验规范,包括抽样计划,检验方法,接收水平和接收准则等,并培训至相关人员。

    3. Manage supplier PPAP until to get the final approval. 管理供应商PPAP直到取得最终批准。

    4. Monitor the supplier performance during incoming and in-process and issue SCAR to supplier for quality issue, drive root cause analysis and CAPA implementation. 在进料及过程中监控供应商质量表现,出现质量问题时开出供应商纠正预防措施报告,推动原因调查及纠正预防措施的实施。

    5. Act as a contact window of supplier ECN and track supplier ECN until closed. 作为供应商工程变更的联系窗口,追踪供应商变更直至关闭。

    6. Set up the KPI of supplier quality management and monitor and evaluate it periodically. 制定供应商质量管理指标并定期监控及评审。

    7. Work with supplier chain team to develop the continuous improvement project with suppliers. 和供应链小组合作开发供应商持续改进计划。

    8. Other duties as assigned by supervisor. 其他由主管指派的任务。


    1. Education:

    a)College degree 大专

    b)Bachelor or above degree. Major in Mechanical Manufacture and Production Engineering Technology preferred. 本科或以上学历,主修机械制造和生产工程技术优先。

    2. Skills & Abilities:

    a)Qualified ISO 13485 Internal Auditor. 认证的ISO 13485内审员。

    b)Good communication skills, fluent English both in written and oral, strong problem-solving skills. 出色的沟通技巧,流利的英语书面和口语沟通能力,较强的问题解决能力。

    c)Good analytic senses. 良好的分析思维。

    d)Quality 5 Tools application skill. 质量五大工具运用能力。

    e)Good computer skill, including ERP system running. 良好的计算机能力,包括ERP系统运行。

    f)Willing to travel frequently. 愿意频繁出差。

    g)Knowledge in QSR 820/ NMPA/MDR requirements preferred. 良好的QSR 820质量管理体系知识,及NMPA/MDR的法规理解优先。

    h)Be familiar with measurement preferred. 熟悉测量仪器方面的知识优先。

    3. Experience:

    a)At least 3 years experiences in Supplier Quality management for assembly products. 至少3年的组装产品的供应商管理工作经验。

    b)Be familiar with the molding, printing, and automation assembly process and sterilization preferred. 熟悉注塑,印刷及自动组装及灭菌过程优先。

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